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Life at Scania

For Scania, our people are our most valuable asset. 宝盈彩app官方下载持续改进的文化鼓励全球的员工发展他们的技能, work methods and themselves, laying the foundation for a career that helps the individual and Scania.

宝盈彩app官方下载的组织建立在共同和包容的核心价值观的基础上,并由其引导,以培养个人责任和个人发展. 其结果是,这家行业领先的公司拥有较低的员工流动率和积极敬业的员工.

People sustainability

宝盈彩app致力于在整个价值链中管理影响力并为员工提供支持, from our own employees to our suppliers, customers and communities.
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